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How to sell your watch?

  1. Please share the photos of your watch with us. Including front view, back  view, side view, certificate and the box.

  2. Please send the photos and watch information to us via whatsapp: +852 9550 1899 / wechat: watcheshk

  3. Get the  valuation

  4. Once confirmed, please bring the watch to our shop, we will pay you in cash.

About Richard Mille

At the age of fifty, Richard Mille decided to create his own brand, with the idea of pushing watchmaking beyond anything that existed at the time, with a new contemporary approach to horology. He was planning to develop one product: the watch of his dreams, an approach that involved operating with little regard for production costs, which were excessive.

BONBON, RM 70-01, RM67-02, RM 67-01, RM 63-02, RM 63-01, RM 62-01, RM 61-01, RM 60-01, RM 58-01, RM 055, RM 53-01, RM 52-05, RM 51-02, RM 50-04, RM 50-03, RM 50-02, RM 39-01, RM 039, RM 38-01, RM 037, RM 36-01, RM 35-02, RM 33-02, RM 033, RM 032, RM 031, RM 030, RM 029, RM 028, RM 27-03, RM 25-01, RM 025, RM 023, RM 022, RM 020, RM 19-02, RM 019, RM 17-01, RM 017, RM 016, RM 015, RM 014, RM 11-05, RM 11-04, RM 11-03, RM 11-02, RM 11-01, RM 010, RM 008-V2, RM 07-02, RM 07-01, RM 004-V3, RM 003-V2 

Free valuation

Don't worry, just send us the photo of your watch and your watch information, we will contact you shortly. You won't get any hard feeling even you didn't trade with us. Take it easy, be smile.

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