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1839, Patek, Czapek & Cie is founded by Antoine Norbert de Patek and François Czapek. 1844, Jean Adrien Philippe receives a bronze medal for his keyless winding and hand-setting system at the Industrial Exposition in Paris. The company name becomes Patek, Philippe & Cie –Fabricants à Genève in 1851. Brothers Jean and Charles Henri Stern invest in Patek, Philippe & Cie in 1932.


7010R, 7010/1R, 7118/1R, 7118/1A, 7118/1200R, 7118/1200A, 5711/1A, 5711/1R, 5712/1A, 5712R, 5712G, 5726/1A, 5726A, 5980/1R, 5980/1AR, 5980R, 5990/1A, 5740/1G, 5724G, 5724R, 5719/10G


5167R, 5167A, 5167/1A, 5168G, 5168G, 5164A, 5164R, 5968A, 5067A, 5068R, 5072R, 5062/450R

Grand Complications

5327J, 5327R, 5327G, 5320G, 7140R, 7140G, 5159J, 5159R, 5159G, 5496R, 5496P, 5160/500G, 5270P, 5270/1R, 5271P, 5370P, 5204R, 5204/1R, 5372P, 5372P, 6102R, 6102P, 6104R, 5520P, 5078G, 5178G, 5531R, 5374P, 5208R, 5316P, 5207G, 6002G, 6300G


7121J, 4968R, 4968G, 5212A, 5146J, 5146R, 5146G, 5147G, 5396R, 5396G, 5205R, 5205G, 5235/50R, 4947R, 4947G, 4948R, 4948G, 5905R, 5905P, 5905P, 5960/01G, 5961R, 5961P, 5172G, 7150/250R, 7234R, 5524R, 5524G, 5230G, 5230R, 7130R, 7130G, 5231J, 5131/1P, 5930G, 5180/1R


4897R, 4897G, 4897/300G, 5196J, 5196R, 5196G, 5196P, 7200R, 7200/200R, 5227J, 5227R, 5227G, 5297G, 6006G, 5088/100P, 4899/901G, 4978/400G


4972G, 4972/1G, 7041R, 7042/100G, 7042/100R, 7099R, 7099G

Golden Ellipse

5738R, 5738P


7300/1200A, 7300/1200R, 7300/1201R, 7300/1450R, 4910/10A, 4910/11R, 4920R

Pocket Watches

972/1J, 973J, 980J, 980R, 980G, 983J, 992/114J, 992/125J, 992/126J, 992/131J, 992/132J, 992/134J, 992/137G, 992/141G, 992/142G, 992/147G, 995/110G, 995/112J, 995/115R

Rare Handcrafts

5538G, 5539G, 7000/50G, 7000/50R, 5089G, 5077/100G, 5077/100R, 5738/50G

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