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How to sell your watch?

  1. Please share the photos of your watch with us. Including front view, back  view, side view, certificate and the box.

  2. Please send the photos and watch information to us via whatsapp: +852 9550 1899 / wechat: watcheshk

  3. Get the  valuation

  4. Once confirmed, please bring the watch to our shop, we will pay you in cash.

About Audemars Piguet, AP

Since 1875, Jules Louis Audemars and Edward Auguste Piguet wrote the first pages in the rich history of Audemars Piguet. Audemars Piguet is the only high-end watchmaking company still in the hands of its founding families.  

Royal Oak

26065IS, 26343CE, 26347OR, 26347PT, 26347TI, 26591PT, 26591TI, 15400OR, 15400SR, 15400ST, 15500OR, 15500ST, 26331BA, 26331BC, 26331OR, 26331ST, 26331ST, 26338PT, 26510IP, 26514OR,  26515OR, 26516OR, 26516PT, 26517SR, 26520BC, 26521PT, 26522CE, 26522OR, 26522ST, 26574BA, 26574OR, 26574ST, 26579CE, 26597PT, 26606ST, 15202BA, 15202BC, 15202IP, 15202OR, 15202ST, 15205BA, 26124S, 26315OR, 26315ST, 15450SR, 15450ST, 15451BA, 15451OR, 15451ST, 15452BC, 15452OR, 15454BA, 15454BC, 15454OR, 15466BC, 15467OR, 15468BC, 67650OR, 67650SR, 67650ST, 67651BA, 67651IP, 67651OR, 67651SR, 67651ST, 67652BC, 67652OR, 67653BC, 67653OR, 67654BC, 67654OR

Royal Oak Offshore

26421OR, 26421ST, 26348IO, 26400IO, 26400SO, 26401RO, 26405CE, 26408OR, 26411PO, 26412PT, 26540ST, 26571TI, 26582CB, 26582CE, 15710ST, 15711OI, 26237ST, 26470IO, 26470OR, 26470PT, 26470SO, 26470ST, 26471SR, 26473BC, 26480T, 26703ST, 26144ST, 26231BA, 26231OR, 26231ST, 26236OR, 67543BC

Royal Oak Concept

26587TI, 26589IO, 26227BC, 26228BC


15210BC, 15210OR, 26393BC, 26393OR, 26394OR, 26395BC, 26396BC, 26396OR, 26600CR, 26600OR


77244BC, 77244OR, 77247BC, 77247OR, 77248BC, 77266BC, 77266OR

Haute Joaillerie

67705BC, 79418BC, 79420BC, 67700BC, 67701BC

Jules Audemars

25866BA, 15180BC, 15180OR, 15182OR, 26143PT, 26346BC, 15170OR, 15171OR, 15172OR, 15173OR, 26344PT, 77238OR, 77239OR, 77240BC, 77251OR, 77228BC, 77228OR


25712BA, 25701OR

Free valuation

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